How old are the spices in your pantry?


Little known fact: spices go bad.

Oxygen, light, and heat cause the essential oils in spice to oxidize and evaporate. For spices, essential oils are the DNA of flavor. Without it, the spice loses its color, scent, and taste. And the experts agree: you should fully use or replace your spices within 3-6 months for the best flavor.  

But does fresh spice even matter?

We were curious too. Which is why we conducted a series of blind taste tests. The results spoke for themselves: 94% of participants preferred food made with fresh spices over the exact same food made with old spices.

Check out the taste test video below:

We use an approach called Modified Atmosphere Technology to seal in freshness at the molecular level.

Here’s how it works

  1. Occo spices are pre-portioned in separate gas barrier-grade chambers

  2. Each chamber is covered with a blanket of food-safe Argon gas 

  3. Because Argon gas is denser than air, it sinks down and displaces the oxygen in and around the spice

  4. Each chamber is immediately sealed, eliminating oxygen, decay, and flavor loss

Recently harvested from premium sources.

To us, high quality, organic spice is a baseline expectation. All of Occo’s spices are 100% organic, sourced from a network of ethical growers around the world who prize traditional techniques over churning out volume. 

The result? We know where our spices come from and when they were harvested. All Occo spices are guaranteed harvested within the past year, meaning the spice that’s sealed into each card is already way fresher than your average grocery store jar (which may have been sitting in a warehouse for years before being bottled).